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Can’t decide between an interior detail or an exterior detail? Well, you don’t have to! Our deluxe detail package includes both! With this package, we guarantee a thorough all-over clean.

interior auto detail


Does your interior need a spruce up? Our interior package includes shampooing carpets, seats, and floor mats using hot water extraction. We also dress your leather seats so they look brand new again!

exterior auto detail


We bring that new car shine back to your vehicle! We wax the body of your vehicle and buff the blemishes away. We even degrease your engine so it stays running smoothly.

auto detail special services


Does your vehicle need something extra? We provide add-ons for special attention to detail on top of our other packages. Some of these add-ons include brake dust removal, pet hair removal, and headlight restoration.


Ask about the Car Guard guarantee on our auto detail services!

We guarantee you the perfect clean and auto detail treatment for your vehicle.

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Our Auto Detail Services Shine

What do you do when your car has lost its brand-new feeling? You want that new car shine your vehicle used to have. Now it’s dull and the paint has faded. That bright exterior has faded from the sun, and you’re wondering how to afford a new car.

Hold up! You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a brand new car. Our auto detail services can make your car look and feel brand new…from the inside out. That faded paint issue you have? Our deluxe detail, exterior detail, or our color rejuvenation special service add-on is exactly what you need!

Your Auto Detail Appointment

Have a lot of other spots on your vehicle you would like detailed? Give us a call at (920) 432-5635 to discuss our auto detail services with our knowledgeable auto detail specialists and set up an appointment for your vehicle. During your appointment, a specialist will look over your vehicle using our inspection checklist to guarantee quality. We can even suggest a package and/or add-ons that would benefit your vehicle!

You can pass on any of the auto detail services your specialist suggests and once you’ve decided what you want, we will give you the price upfront. We don’t have any surprise add-on fees – we go through the whole process together.

Get Your Car Detailing Today in Green Bay

Are you ready to have your car look brand new again? Give us a call now, and we can get you started.

Have a few questions about our auto detail services? Or the auto detail process in general? Check out our frequently asked questions below and you’ll be an auto detail pro in no time!


Questions to Ask Your Auto Detail Shop

Why is auto detailing important?

Regular auto detailing will extend the life of your vehicle since detailing removes contaminants to the paint, leather, or chrome. Your car will look shiny and new!

Also, with regular detailing, we clean your engine of dust, leaks, and dirt, which helps your engine run cooler and smoother.

What is the difference between a car wash and car detailing?

Short version: Car detailing gives you a deeper clean.

Long version: You might be thinking that a regular car wash does enough to clean your car and it’s cheaper, so why do you need to get it detailed?

This is a case of you get what you pay for. A car wash is a superficial cleanse that looks clean from a distance, but when you inspect your car closer, you could see some imperfections and dirt that wasn’t cleaned away.

Book your auto detail with Car Guard for a more thorough and deeper clean that eliminates scratches, brake dust, and color fading! The result of an auto detail is the restoration of your vehicle to a like-new state, like when you first drove your car off the lot.

How many times a year should I get my car detailed?

For a full detail – at least once per year, but twice is better. If you’re coming in for separate detail services, it depends how clean you think the interior and/or exterior of your car is. However, exterior wax can be applied 4+ times per year.

I just bought a new vehicle. I don’t need to get it detailed, right?

Actually, you do. It’s a misconception that new cars don’t need to be detailed. Many of the cars are sitting out on the lot for a while before being sold or they are shipped from one dealer to another. While outside the car has to deal with the harsh elements like the sun, rain or snow.

About Car Guard Auto Detail Services

What are your Auto Detailing Services?

We provide a Deluxe Detail package which includes all the interior and exterior services at a great price.

Our Interior Detail package includes shampooing carpets and seats, shampooing floor mats, deep cleaning, and much more!

The Exterior Detail package includes a full exterior wash which includes door jambs and wheel wells, acid washing brake dust from the wheels, and much more!

Our Special Services package includes add-ons that go with our other detailing packages. Some special services include pet hair removal, headlight restoration, smoke & odor neutralization, and fabric stain removal.

Check out our before and after photos – they speak for themselves.

Which detail package should I get?

All cars should get full detail, wax and polish twice a year and continue with routine maintenance in between to maintain the detail. To decide which detail package you need will depend on your lifestyle: Do you have pets? Kids? Is your vehicle parked outside? In a garage?

These details play a role in which detail packages and add-ons you need. However, when you come to our shop, one of our expert detail technicians will run through a checklist to see what services your vehicle will need. So if you don’t know up front, that’s alright. We’ll take care of you and your vehicle.

What happens after I make an appointment?

When you arrive for your appointment, our detail technician will walk around your vehicle with you. We’ll inspect your vehicle and document the areas that need more attention. Our technician will go over our inspection with you to discuss what needs detailing, and you can decide from there. After that, our technician will go ahead and detail your vehicle. When you come to pick up your vehicle, it will shine like new!

What can I do to prepare my vehicle before bringing it in for service?

We recommend removing all your personal belongings from the vehicle. This will save us time and provide us with a blank canvas to work on.

How long does the detailing take?

This depends on the detail service package. A full detailing service could take from 6-8 hours depending on your vehicle size, type, and any add-on services. Plan on us having your vehicle for the whole day.

How do I keep my car looking new after my detail?

To keep your car looking new, keep it tidy, avoid spilling drinks, and wash your car to avoid dirt from layering on your paint. These steps will prolong your auto detail, but it’s important to get your vehicle detailed regularly. This will ensure your vehicle remains cleaned and actually costs less in the long run. When you go for long periods of time without detailing, you’ll have to spend money on a deeper clean since more dirt accumulates on your vehicle.

About Interior Detailing

What is the interior car detailing process?

– We vacuum seats, headliners, rear cargo area, and trunk. For areas that can’t be reached with a vacuum, we use high pressure air hoses for a better clean.

– We use a brush and hot water extraction to clean the carpets and mats.

– We scrub the mats a few rounds to treat stains or markings that settled in throughout the years. We also use a pressure washer on the floor mats to better wash away the dirt.

– We use a glass cleaner to clean all the interior glass. This is important so the driver’s view isn’t obstructed. Plus, it looks nice!

– We’ll use a leather cleaner to go over all the leather parts in your car. We use a damp microfiber cloth to remove any excess soap. We also use a leather conditioner after the leather has been dried.

– We will vacuum the entire interior again to capture any dirt that was left over.

– We scrub your dashboards, console, and door panels clean using a gentle cleaning detergent. After these steps, the original shine is restored to your vehicle’s interior!

Can you get the smoke smell out of my car?

Smoke & odor neutralization is part of our special services add-ons. We start by detailing your vehicle’s interior, and then we use our odor neutralizing machine to treat those odors. This process takes about 8 hours, or overnight.

I have pet hair all over my car! Can you help?

Definitely! This is one of our special service add-ons for the interior package. We use air hoses and vacuums to remove pet hair from your vehicle. We also use some professional grade detailing brushes to help pull the pet hair from the fabric. We go through these processes a few times to remove pet hair on your interior.

How can I maintain my leather seats after an interior detail?

To maintain your leather seats you may want to clean your seats monthly and apply some conditioner for extra protection. You can ask one of our technicians for conditioner recommendations during your appointment.

Keep in mind that the sun fades the color on your leather seats and damages the leather. If possible, keep your car in a garage or in the shade to protect your seats.

Why do you use hot water extraction?

We use hot water extraction for a deeper clean. Most auto detailers only steam clean to eliminate stains, but that doesn’t go as deep into the stain as our Car Guard quality. We prefer a superior clean, so we use premium tools and techniques to make your vehicle look spotless.

About Exterior Detailing

What is the exterior car detailing process?

– Your car will be sprayed with a high-powered specialized spray.

– We wash the car rims, door jambs, glass, and all the exterior parts that need to be cleaned.

– A clay bar will be used to remove impurities from the paint and any residue that can’t be removed with normal detergents.

– We wax the exterior of your vehicle for protection from the elements. This locks in that glossy shine we restored to your vehicle and keeps your paint looking new.

How often should I wash my car?

As often as possible. Many car enthusiasts wash their vehicles at least once a week. Some even wash them once a day! But if you don’t have the time or commitment to wash your car that often, many experts recommend washing your car every two weeks.

If you have a lot of dust, bugs, or salt on your car, you should wash your car more often to protect your paint. Keep in mind that you should be washing your car more in winter than during summertime. Make sure you get all the salt off to prevent from rusting.

What is a clay bar treatment? What does it do?

Clay bar treatments eliminate the contaminants and pollutants from the surface of your car without scratching. It prepares your vehicle for the wax, so your wax lasts longer.

If you run your hand across your car you can tell if you need a clay bar treatment – it will feel rough, not smooth to the touch. The clay bar grabs those gritty particles and pulls them out of the paint.

My paint is so faded and scratched. What can you do for that?

We have a special add-on service for color rejuvenation and scratch removal. This involves a multi-step process: remove scratches, buff, polish, and protect. We buff out the impurities, we use polish to bring back the color, and we finish with a protectant to seal in all the work.

This will give your vehicle a brilliant color as well as removing the scratches. Enjoy!

About Deluxe Detailing

What is the deluxe detail service?

Our deluxe detail package includes both our interior and exterior detail services. We created this package deal for those who want the full detail treatment. The deluxe detail package is the best bang for your buck – save time and money on your interior and exterior detail by combining into one appointment with Car Guard!

What is included in the deluxe detail service?

Some of the services in the interior detail portion include:

-Shampooing carpets and seats using hot water extraction

– Pressure wash and shampoo floor mats

– Air hosing debris out of hard to reach places

– Deep cleaning windows, door panels, center console, and driver controls

Included in the exterior detail portion is:

– Full exterior wash including the door jambs and wheel wells

– Cleaning and degreasing the tires and rims

– Clay bar treatment that eliminates contaminants from the paint without scratching

– Finishing with a vehicle body wax

Visit our deluxe detail page here.

About Special Detailing Services

What special services are available?

Our special services include fabric stain removal, brake dust removal, pet hair removal, polish for color rejuvenation & scratch removal, salt stain removal (by gas pedal), tar & sap removal, smoke & odor neutralization, and headlight restoration. You can view our special services here for more information.

Can I just buy an add-on service?

These services are add-ons for one of our detail packages: interior, exterior, or deluxe. We don’t offer these as single services – only with one of our detail packages.

Book your auto detail appointment today! We will make your vehicle shine.

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