auto detail special services

Need More From Your Auto Detail?

Sometimes a spot on your vehicle just needs a little more attention. We get it.

 For this reason we offer auto detail special services. They’re little add-ons you can choose from based on your vehicle’s needs.

Which Services Do I Need?

Our auto detail team will review these special services when they go through their inspection checklist on your vehicle and make final recommendations. And of course – there are NO surprise add-ons.

Why Does My Car Need a Detail?

Auto detail special services are the best way to keep your car or truck looking new. Not to mention, by having your vehicle cleaned frequently, it will protect your interior and exterior thereby extending the life of your car!

Can’t I Just Wash My Car?

Overall, cleaning your car at home just isn’t going to cut it. Nothing will compare to a professional auto detail cleaning – surprisingly, the process is far more detailed than you’d think! Our auto detail special services team is committed to giving your vehicle an all-over detail, as well as protecting your car from the environment and everyday scratches that accumulate on your paint.

Don’t waste time and money doing a DIY clean at home. Give our specialists a call to discuss our auto detail special services today at (920) 432-5635.


Fabric Stain Removal

There are several steps we use to lighten and remove fabric stains from your vehicle’s interior. In fact, we use many different chemicals and brushes to scrub the stains from your fabric.

However, if you have deeper stubborn fabric stains we’ll need to use hot water extraction for a deep clean. Consequently, most auto detailers only steam clean to eliminate stains, which doesn’t go as deep as our Car Guard interior detail quality.

fabric stain removal special service

Brake Dust Removal

Primarily 92% of your brake dust is iron, which is caused by the disc brakes and the pad rubbing together. Brake dust is the small yellow spots on light colored vehicles that look like small particles of rust.

We’ll give your car an acid bath and also use a clay bar to scrub every inch of the car to remove brake dust. Additionally, we do this all by hand with only the clay bar and a powerful cleaning solution.

Also, brake dust can cause permanent damage if your wheels aren’t washed regularly. In order to keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance, visit us regularly to keep your brakes clean and free from harmful brake dust.

Auto detail special service brake dust

Pet Hair Removal

We use air hoses and vacuums to remove pet hair from all over your vehicle’s interior. In order to better collect the pet hair, we use several tools, including a hair removal rock, and two brushes. These tools are professional-grade specifically for auto detailing. Overall, our auto detailing experts can pick up more pet hair than an at-home or DIY clean.

First, we blow out the interior with air hoses and vacuums simultaneously, which loosens pet hair from the fabrics in your vehicle. Then we come back with our specialty brushes to remove the first layer of pet hair embedded in the seats and carpets. And finally, we vacuum the interior again and finish by shampooing the fabric.

Pet hair removal before and after

Polish for Color Rejuvenation & Scratch Removal

We have a three-step process for removing scratches: buff, polish, and protect.


  1. We buff out your vehicle’s impurities (scratches, swirl marks, etc.) using a special compound by hand.
  2. We also use polish to bring back all the color and brilliance to your clear coat paint.
  3. Our protectant is a wax-based sealant which protects your vehicle’s exterior from the elements while sealing in the work we’ve done.
Red truck before and after of color rejuvenation special service

Salt Stain Removal (By Gas Pedal)

We remove salt stains in your vehicle while using a scrub brush, hot water, and a special chemical that will loosen up the salt.

Next, we vacuum up the mess and follow up with hot water extraction to make sure the salt stains are finally removed.

Undoubtedly those long Wisconsin winters wreak havoc on the interior of your car, but we can remove your stains and keep your car looking new.

Auto detail special service salt stain removal

Tar & Sap Removal

In order to remove tar and sap, we use a chemical to target the sap, and elbow grease to scrub it away. In fact, we do this by hand in order to remove even the most difficult tar and tree sap stains. But if left on your car, tar sap and bird droppings will eat away at your paint.

Be sure to add on our tar and sap removal option ASAP before they eat away at your vehicle’s paint. However, we will get these contaminants off your car to prevent permanent damage. It’s best to come visit our technicians as soon as you notice sap or tar on your car.

Don’t delay!

Sap removal auto detail special service

Smoke & Odor Neutralization

Do you have smoke or bad odors taking over your car? Then our smoke and odor neutralization service is the perfect add-on for your interior detail! After we detail your vehicle’s interior, we use an odor neutralizing machine to eliminate those stubborn odors for good!

Wondering how a special machine can eliminate all those odors? Glad you asked! The machine recharges the air particles in your vehicle so those nasty smells are gone! It’s like magic. This purifcation process takes about 3 hours.

Say goodbye to those nasty smells, and hello to a clean interior!

Smoke and odor neutralization auto detail

Headlight Restoration

This 5-step process will take about one hour to fully restore your headlights to “like-new” status.

We use three different grades of sandpaper to clean off your dull headlights.

We then follow up with a professional-grade polish to clear the headlights and eliminate cloudiness.

And then we finish with a UV protectant, which acts as a barrier and prolongs the clarity of your restored headlights.

Auto detail headlight restoration special service

How does this all work?

Exterior detail special service


Schedule an Interior, Exterior, or Deluxe detail service with us OR call us at (920) 432-5635.


Bring your vehicle to our shop at 1666 Cass Street, Green Bay, WI 54302.


We’ll do an inspection to see what special service add-ons your vehicle needs. 


You can decide on what special services you’d like to add-on with no hidden costs. We let you know the price up-front.


Drive away knowing how great your car looks! 

Let us know which add-ons to include with your auto detail today!